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Quality is an important component in building. We only use quality products to stand the test of time and elements.



We provide the highest level of service throughout the construction process. Attention to detail and time management are key components of our quality of service.


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Safe Rooms

Storm Rooms

 In recent years there have been many tragic tornados that have swept through our area causing homeowners to realize the horrific impact that these storms have. Building a Saferoom in your home will definitely be a wise investment that may protect your family from serious harm or death during severe weather. 

Saferooms can be easily constructed in an existing area in your home like a closet,  garage, or basement. There are many multi-use saferoom possibilities:

  • Master closet
  • Storage room
  • Play room
  • Media room
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

What is a Saferoom?

A saferoom is a small windowless room, either completely encapsulated in concrete - walls, ceiling and floors or is a prefabricated steel structure located inside the home in order to provide occupant protection from severe weather.

Saferooms can be constructed from:

  • Rooms already existing in the home, such as a closet or bathroom,
  • May be constructed in an otherwise unused portion of the garage or basement
  • Or, may be built as a "stand-alone" structure.

The saferoom concept has come about as post-storm inspections of homes affected by severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes showed that in many instances a small room in the central portion of the house remained standing even when the house was severely damaged or completely destroyed.

 From that revelation came the idea of physically strengthening such rooms to provide maximum occupant protection, since constructing an entire home to be immune from high winds and wind-blown debris is seldom practical.

Why Should I Build a Saferoom?

By far, the biggest danger to people and property during the high winds of tornadoes and hurricanes is the flying debris carried in the high winds. Carried at such intense velocity, items such as 2 by 4s can become missiles that can cut right through a building wall and endanger the people inside. If the saferoom is built within a central area of the home itself, it is afforded that much more protection against wind-driven missiles.

William built a safe room that doubled as a media room. My family feels safe while having a useful addition to our home. -- Bill Plott

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